FRAGMENTS in words and images

FRAGMENTS in words and images

Wouldn't you say this time calls for a special project?
Calls out really LOUDLY?

Everything is different these days,  or so it seems. And this is the perfect time to stop for a moment and have a closer look at our daily lives. What are we doing?  What are we looking at? What are we seeing? What do we consider important? In a time where we are limited in our contacts with other people, it would be good if we could meet each other in an alternative way.

The project FRAGMENTS is covering all of these aspects and does so through Words and Images.

Anyone who feels they would like some quiet time on a daily basis, a short moment of reflection, can just step in and join us without prior knowledge. Have a closer look at your daily surroundings these coming weeks, keeping an open eye and a curious mind. During this project, we are going to have a look at what is happening right in front of us, right under our noses -whether they be Major Insights, or seemingly unimportant details- and take that as a lead to make a photo or write some short lines. We are taking our time to focus on Moments, Fragments.

'This project is exciting to me, because the daily theme 'wanders' with me all day. And then suddenly I know what to do with it! It makes me take a closer and more conscious look at things and that makes every day fresh and new.' Marjolijn

 Would you like to join us?

If you join this project, you will receive a new theme to inspire you every morning. And you are invited to create your contribution in a maximum time frame of 10 minutes only. You can write (and the specific formats of the writing will be clearly explained), or take photos. Or both. In this way we will see a beautiful collection of fragments in words and images accumulate in a few weeks, and our collective efforts will give us a perspective on how we have experienced these extraordinary days together. '

"When I go to sleep at night, I already look forward to next day's theme: as soon as I see the word, ideas start flowing: it's a little niche in the day, an invitation to play with language. and a big sense of achievement when I send in my contribution" 'Toke

So what's next?

This project started at 22nd March and when this Corona-crisis comes to an end, this project too will come to a natural ending. We will start to see which form it will take, then. Is it going to be a book? Does it want to be an exhibition, or a film even? It's not clear yet, so more shall be revealed. I will keep you posted.

One thing is certain:
This project allowes us to meet and get to know eachother through words and images. And our collective efforts will give us a unique outlook on this period that will stay with us for a long time.

We are a group of over 110 people, and numbers are still growing, both here in the Netherlands, and abroad.
And we would like even more people to join up. The more the merrier.

'This project helps me to realize there's joy and beauty to be found all around me, in the little things that usually go unnoticed.'Fieke

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"Sometimes all it takes is one word, to let creativity flow" Nathalie

Here below you can see some contributions.Want to see more?
Go to the Facebook page of Studio Onbekommerd  (Studio Carefree). There will be a new post every morning with a selection of the words and images of the day before

Let us all rejoice
For a new day has begun
Worry not, rejoice! 

A moment in time
Confident expectations
Waiting to unfold

Surprising you
I was
Surprising myself
Even more