FRAGMENTS in words and images – Basic information

FRAGMENTS in words and images - Basic information

Welcome and how nice of you to join in this project, because with our joined forces, we can make this into something wonderful! I would like to invite you these coming weeks to take a break, catch a deep breath on a daily basis and see your world through new eyes. With an open mind, with eyes full of wonder.

Now is a real good time, for nearly everything seems to be different

Give yourself a moment every day to see what is right in front of you, right under your nose as we say in Dutch. Whether they be Major Insights, or small ponderings and reflections, seemingly meaningless. We're gonna take a good look at the details these weeks. Moments. Aspects. Fragments. In our day to day surroundings. And we are going to shape them in words and/or images. What are we facing? What is catching our eyes?

This is how we do it:

* This project will start/has started on Sunday March 22nd and will last at least until April 6th. During this period you will receive an invitation every morning at 08:00 with a 'theme for today' for some extra inspiration. You can work with this theme, but you don't have to.

* Do you prefer to work with IMAGES ?
Make a photo of something that touches you, that hits you, that strikes you that day. It can be in line with the theme, but you can work outside of this as well. And send your photo to:

*Do you prefer to work with WORDS?
The writing exercise differs each week: in week two (30 March - 3 April) we are going to work with tips, wisdoms, lifelessons, homespun idioms... in other words: this week we are going to awaken the wise old elder in ourselves. The teacher, or the owl, or the know-it-all or even the crazy loon; all of these can be part of it.

In short:
this week we are writing "advice plaques" or quotables...

Follow these steps:
*write through stream of consciousness:  in a maximum of 10 minutes you should be done
* write 10 lines about what you have learnt from your life or what your experiences and thoughts about this subject have been. Have a look at your life from a quick overview vantage point: has your view on this subject changed? When did it change? Why has it changed? is your outlook unusual? what is the usual outlook? Write down everything that comes up.
*read your 10 lines with focus, scan through your lines and underline the words or phrases that strike you
*finish this sentence: ' What I can conclude about ...[theme] is:.... (and proceed to write down all the lessons you can draw from what has just emerged, these can be serious lifelessons, but can also be really querky conclusions)
*slowly read through these last conclusions again and then formulate at least one distilled expression of wisdom: in free form! Let your fantasy roam free and be as bold, serious, deep, whimsical, twisted, humourous or irritating as you can be.
* a quote is usually short and to the point

In the first week (22 - 27 March) we wrote haikus and we did this way:
1: Decide on your theme, motive and start with writing down 10 lines with everything and anything you associate with this theme
2: Slowly read back your lines and underline the words or part of a sentence that are essential and meaningful to you
3: let these words and phrases inspire you to write a Haiku. Then send this haiku to
(A haiku is a Japanese poetry format, it is a poem that consists of 3 lines: the first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 syllables, the third line has 5 syllables it is an ideal form for this project, because a haiku traditionally tries to capture a personal reflection on a fleeting moment. Look HERE for more information and examples)

* Of course you can hand in both, both photos and haikus. As many as you like.
* Work quicky, boom boom boom. Spend a maximum of 10 minutes a day on your fragment.
* The photos and haikus will become part of a growing collection of fragments, they will be anonymous additions. Some fragments will be shared -for inspirational purposes- during this project. Your name will not be attached/linked to your contribution, but will only be connected to Studio Onbekommerd.
* The more Fragments, the more wonderful our project, so try to send one on a daily basis.

And what happens next?

Of course these weird days will pass too. We don't know when that will be. But this project will finish with the crisis. And that's the time we will find out which shape it is going to need, want. Does it want to be a book? An exhibition? A collection of postcards or posters? More shall be revealed and...

 I will keep you posted.

One thing is for certain: by means of this project, we have found a way to meet, share, inspire, support each other. And together we will be creating a unique outlook on these historical times for sure.


* Please invite everyone you know to join this project: your aunts, sisters, friends, family, brothers, teammates etc etc etc. If you can, please repost this invitation on Facebook, or if you see this project, please share it, like it, so it can grow and grow and grow... The more participants, the more wonderful the process and project.

* If you have any questions, or comments, please feel free to contact me.

In the meantime I am looking forward to meeting us all in our photos and words.
Enjoy your writing and photography moments.

much love,