Make your own souvenir

bring home something special

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Spend only NINE minutes & create:


 Paint like Vermeer, Mondriaan, Bruna or Van Ruisdael...
simply step in their shoes and surprise yourself.

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No practical knowledge is required; any souvenir can be made by starters as well as more advanced painters. So don't worry, just relax and enjoy the experience. While you are working just like the artist of your choice did, your souvenir will appear.

We are looking forward to meet you. As your enchanted hosts, we will guide you professionally through the nine-minutes-lasting process. Since we are happily creative in our own companies for years,  we can guarantee you a real succes-experience.


Your efforts will be rewarded bij an exclusive VIP-treatment for your souvenir! Let us surprise you and you will impress your friends and family with a beautiful present.

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Jacob Capelle Netherlands

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 *  'Make your own Souvenir' can be found at
international gatherings like meetings, conferences, fairs, etc.

* We are in our element at any place where people want to experience the Netherlands
and love to take home a little part of it.

* Once you've made a nine-minute-souvenir you will never forget
the surprise, the joy and the energy it gave. 

* We are capable of designing 9-minute-souvenirs that match any occasion.

*  Do you have more time? We love to design custom-made team-building activities that last longer than 9 minutes. We gladly offer you an inspiring, creative and surprising experience with your collegues or friends.

Please contact us if your are interested; we're on a mission to make your event an unforgettable experience.

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Dieuwke Maria Parlevliet

Aquaculture Europe 2015 Elena Piana, Italy

Sebastian N. Politis, Denmark

Simon, Wales

Armando Piccinini, Italy